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Sovereign Tea: No Cup is Too Large

There is something tremendous within us that is spreading all over the world. Humanity is waking up to its unlimited potential and to the truth of its cosmic intelligence. My intention is to support those who are ready to reunite with the divine and walk The Way as living masters on Earth. It's not easy to awaken our God Consciousness in a matrix designed to limit our awareness and ascension, while robbing us of our superpowers. But when our hearts decide that it is time to ignite that holy fire and step into our mastery, that fire will burn through all obstacles and fears to reveal the revitalizing path of light that we are meant to walk.

Finding Our Angel Wings

Although there are many belief systems, there is only one pathway to God. The profound knowledge of how to arrive there is buried deep within us, and our purpose is to find it. We are beginning to acknowledge that we have an important role to play in the divine plan. Our Higher Self will respond to this wisdom by operating our awareness and aligning us with divine manifestations such as individuals, communities or locations. We have the free will choice to resist it or to surrender to its higher power.

Believe that the angels are motioning for us to step forward and to take our place among them. Bear in mind that we are the Earth Angels who have chosen the mission of bringing in the upcoming golden age. Once you open your human awareness to accept this truth, your wings will unfurl and you will remember that the Holy Spirit lives within your human form. This is true mastery.

I'm Grateful for You

Throughout my journey I have explored my spirituality in isolation, searching for meaning and purpose within many books and YouTube channels. And although they have served me well, that was not an efficient way to find what was within myself and my angelic community. Joining my fellow Starseed Lightworkers in our shared mission has activated my individual role and spiritual gifts from God. Jesus said "For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them" (Matthew 18:20). Even though we are in separate individual bodies, we are sharing this journey with each other, along with Mother Earth and all of Her beings. There is great power in numbers. By uniting, we can begin to move as one large body of light that will continue to expand until we take our world back.

You are important to Earth, and to me. That is why I want to thank you for choosing to come here at this pivotal time. It is an honor to walk alongside you and to share this courageous experience with you. Namaste.

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