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True Spiritual Enlightenment Is A Journey Beyond Psychic Abilities And Superpowers

When I spend time on social media, I notice numerous services, courses, classes and events that focus on spiritual powers such as channeling, mediumship, psychic readings, and peak experiences brought on by astral projection or lucid dreaming. Throughout my journey, I have developed a keen interest in these topics myself. However, I have realized that they can become distractions and hinder our spiritual development. Despite maintaining my beliefs in astrology, reincarnation, Starseeds, Lightworkers, energy healing, meditation, and psychic abilities, I was recently guided towards something bigger, something that was waiting for me: the highest Realization of them all.

Please, do not misunderstand me. I understand how exhilarating it can be to attain spiritual powers. They can be valuable for our growth and the exploration of our consciousness. All I can hope for is that people do not get too sidetracked or distracted by the fascination of having dominion over matter, as it is a false promise of satisfaction that usually leads to disillusionment.

My Stroll Through The Enchanted Garden Of Wonder

When I first began to awaken to my spiritual nature, I immediately set out on the quickest and most reliable path: learning yoga, meditation, and opening the energy centers in my body. I felt the safety, security, and gentle guidance of God's invisible hand carrying me through it all. However, it wasn't long before my curiosity started to grow and I became fascinated by the law of attraction, tarot readings and candle magic. I found myself engrossed in watching readings on social media and purchasing candles for various spells and intentions, such as attracting money, achieving success, and improving my love life. I started spending more time focusing on making things happen, rather than progressing to higher states of consciousness, where true fulfillment and the source of all spiritual powers reside.

The consequences of meddling with divination and attempting to manipulate every situation were damaging. I found myself caught in a harmful cycle of codependency, which led to disastrous relationships and a reliance on substance abuse as a means of escape. The only good that came out of this was my deep desire to run back to the Divine as fast as I could!

It is now clear to me that passing through the false wonderland of magic and mental powers was an inevitable part of my learning path. Since then, I have discovered that true joy and bliss come from deepening my meditation and immersing myself in God's presence, where the origin of omnipotence flows. I am also starting to realize how I wrongly defined spirituality, unnecessarily making my journey more difficult than it really is.

Basic Necessities For A Spiritual Path

Paramahansa Yogananda once said "Reform yourself and you will reform thousands." The unwavering aspiration and dedication to self-improvement are the noblest principles, as they generate a profound ripple effect that extends outwards, influencing others and inspiring spiritual growth. It is not necessary to acquire abilities and powers to attain enlightenment. I have encountered people who unknowingly follow a spiritual path simply by consciously embodying the innate qualities of the soul.

Here are some fundamental pointers for spiritual transformation:

  • Behaving morally will greatly benefit us. Merely meditating will not be fruitful unless we learn to overcome anger, envy, unkindness, and dishonorable desires.

  • To diminish the influence of evil and disharmony, we should not dwell on the negative. Instead, we can overpower it by highlighting the goodness in everything.

  • Sincerity is an essential quality. While it is important to be tenderhearted and compassionate, it serves no purpose to display these traits if they are not genuinely felt. It is better to remain indifferent towards the wicked or those who unfairly judge you without succumbing to anger.

  • Seek the Divine out of love, not because you want something. I have known people who only pray when they are suffering or facing hardships in life, or when they have a specific wish. A true devotee gives their love to God unconditionally, regardless of whether they receive anything in return.

  • Focus on your human experience and your commitment to helping others. There is unlimited time between lifetimes to spend in other dimensions or in the astral world. However, the time we get to spend in a physical body is relatively short. Our mission of helping others is more fulfilling than psychic abilities, astral travel, remote viewing, telepathy, or seeing auras.

"Reform yourself and you will reform thousands." – Paramahansa Yogananda

Phenomenal experiences will occur naturally if God deems it necessary for us. There is no need to exert continuous effort to make them happen. Occasionally, we may be called upon to facilitate healing by utilizing our natural spiritual powers and abilities, but this should be done only for the benefit of others rather than for our own personal gain.

If you are seeking self-realization, strive to attain Divine Truth by practicing yoga and meditation on a daily basis. This pursuit has nothing to do with acquiring spiritual powers and is one of the most straightforward paths. Furthermore, we should not feel disheartened if we do not immediately sense the presence of God while meditating. Instead, let us be patient and have faith that our prayers are being heard. It is also important to recognize that we may be tested at times to demonstrate our faith, intention, and devotion. I feel that it is worth the wait when we know that everlasting fulfillment awaits us on the other side.

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