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Reiki: Energy Is Really All There Is

The scientific community would agree that energy is at the core of everything and that it surrounds us all the time, they refer to this as the energy field. And because of its permeating existence, we are all connected by it.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change forms. To put it simply, this means that we have the ability to influence through it and transform it.

For thousands of years, energy has been used as a method of healing and spiritual growth, and one of these methods is known as Reiki. Reiki can be conducted in person, or via distance. Distance energy healing is possible because we are able to use the energy field to transmit energy healing to someone or something. It can reach anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Reiki being used to heal the flowers

Reiki involves certain placements of the practitioner's hands that can be done with, or without, physical touch. I practice Reiki without physical touch, as this allows me to get a feel for the energy.

The technique can be performed on anybody, animals, plants, places, food, communities, or situations, the extent is endless!

As a Reiki practitioner, I am able to channel the Universal Life Force Energy. It flows through me and out through my hands as I focus it onto the recipient. Clients have reported that they feel a great sense of relief and relaxation, along with reduced body aches after their session.

Struggling with communication and feeling the sense that you have no willpower or control are emotional symptoms that can be reduced or eliminated with Reiki.

Below I will share some of the ways that Reiki can help you improve your overall health and accelerate your spiritual development.

Reiki For Optimal Physical Health

Let's talk a little bit about your Ki, which is a Japanese name used to describe universal energy. It is also known in China as Qi (Chi), and in yoga practices it is called prana.

Some of us have deficient Ki in our bodies, or in certain parts of our bodies, meaning that there is not enough universal energy flowing through. This can result in a person feeling lethargic, catching frequent colds or flus, or it can even cause certain organs to fail, since Ki holds our organs in place.

Reiki has the power to bring harmony back to disharmonious Ki, stimulating your body's own self-healing ability. It can also bring balance to your body and organs as the universal energy restores you by bringing life force back into your body. Additionally, chronic conditions such as arthritis, asthma, cancer, or heart disease can be improved with continuous Reiki sessions.

Reiki to Improve Your Mental Well Being

Reiki has the potential to help heal almost every mental health problem, including addictions. Just like Reiki can bring harmony back to our bodies, it can have a positive effect on our minds in the same way. It can help decrease the desolation and anxiety levels that lead people to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol. The recipient will experience a calmer mind, relief from emotional disturbance, and increased personal awareness. When combined with conventional treatment, Reiki can improve the recovery process.

People suffering from depression often feel happier after receiving Reiki. This is because Reiki can help release the trapped emotions that we tend to store in our bodies, clearing out the blockages and freeing them from their trauma. Struggling with communication and feeling the sense that you have no willpower or control are emotional symptoms that can be reduced with Reiki.

Reiki to Enhance Your Cosmic Connection

When you receive Reiki healing, you are clearing and opening up your energy centers (chakras). After flushing out the blockages that have accumulated over time, your intuition begins to flow, allowing your cosmic wisdom to unfold so that you can make the choices that guide you towards finding your sense of purpose.

If one chooses to develop their intuition further, Reiki can help in expediting our ability to tap into higher realms. At this level, you are led to your higher self, Universal Consciousness, and the Divine. You begin to feel happy for no apparent reason, and you find yourself caring for Mother Earth and all of her sentient beings. Others may notice that you have obtained a higher knowledge that enables you to offer very insightful guidance.

I encourage you to consider seeking out a Reiki practitioner or an energy healer, or at least practice daily meditation to maintain your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual equilibrium.

If you're interested in booking a Reiki session with me, please visit my calendar here.

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