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Live Right Now: This Present Moment Will Transform Your Life

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

We often talk about getting from Point A to Point B, and many of us misinterpret this metaphor by taking it to the extreme. It can feel as though we are traveling down a long bridge that stretches out into two opposing directions.

But there is no bridge. We are all performing on the stage of our lives right now.

One of the biggest challenges that I had to face during the beginning of my spiritual awakening was eliminating my chronic anxiety. I used to spend the majority of my time living in the past while waiting for the future, not getting the most out of each day. The excess worry and fear interfered with my daily life, causing me to constantly sweat, feel tense, and make it impossible for me to fall asleep.

I started learning that the solution was to “live in the present moment,” which would create frustration inside of me because I was resisting the responsibility of taking action today. It wasn’t easy letting go of the promises of “tomorrow” that I would make to myself, placing my success far off into the distance and hoping to get there someday. Also, I just didn't know how.

But I get it now.

I now understand why some of the most well known and influential spiritual teachers, such as Ram Dass and Eckhart Tolle, teach us about living in the present moment. In order for us to live a more enlightened life, learning how to be and stay present is one of the most powerful and transformational lessons to learn. Every aspect of our existence is attached to right now. This moment is the only one that matters, while regrets about yesterday or worries about tomorrow will only rob us of our joy and our success.

However, although what I'm presenting is true, balance is key. We should not allow the concept of living in the moment to become our excuse for being careless, irresponsible, or impulsive. Taking time to reflect on the past can serve us in avoiding repeating mistakes in the present or the future. It is also helpful to have a vision for the future that will give us goals to work on today.

I would like to share with you 10 ways that can help us be more present in our everyday life.

#1 - Get rid of nonessential objects and possessions

Hanging on to material possessions after they have outlived their use keeps us stuck in the past. This is because every item carries an energy, and by surrounding ourselves with things from the past, we continue to revisit experiences that we have outgrown.

#2 - Practice forgiveness

When we hold on to resentment, we relive events from the past over and over. And walking through life while looking backwards is counterproductive.

Buddha taught that “the root of suffering is attachment.” Attachments keep us stuck in one place, while everything else in the universe changes, grows, and evolves.

#3 - Absorb the day

When we walk through life in a trancelike state, we are executing programs and patterns that we’ve learned through repetition, we are on autopilot. This makes us a passenger in our own life, having no power, control, or influence over any outcome. Take in sensory information throughout the day: smell the roses, listen to what’s going on around you, and feel your emotions as they come.

#4 - Bring joy to your work

I used to always work jobs that I hated, just to get by. This decreased my life satisfaction and my potential for personal growth. I started learning that we generate emotions from within. We must bring the joy, excitement, and enthusiasm into the workplace. This is more achievable when we are simultaneously working on transitioning to a different field or industry that is more fulfilling. Which brings me to the next one…

#5 - Have a compelling vision and work towards it everyday

Dream big and release any limitations that took place in the past. Everyday is an opportunity to start fresh, and every great idea or invention started as a vision. Take the steps today to build a better and brighter tomorrow, it cannot be fulfilled unless action is taken today.

#6 - Let go of past successes

Sometimes, we accomplish one significant thing and then we dwell on that event forever. This makes it difficult to move on or complete anything else. It can also make some of us believe that we should quit while we are ahead. While it is great to acknowledge our achievements from the past, the goal is to keep moving toward higher levels of happiness, health, and fulfillment.

#7 - Look for opportunities instead of obstacles

We create more of what we focus on. We manifest challenges by expecting them and by figuring out ways that our plans won’t work. Thinking about what can go wrong is a strategy that is destined to fail. On the other hand, remaining present helps us to approach life with a more optimistic attitude and use the conscious creation process in a beneficial way.

#8 - Stop worrying!

One of the worst ways for us to utilize our creative faculties is to anticipate what we don’t want to happen. We always have the power to choose the thoughts that we will focus on, so it makes more sense for us to practice thinking about what we want to create.

#9 - Be open to new solutions

We are inclined to do what is familiar, whether it’s effective or not. This is another habit that keeps us stuck in the past, which leads to trying to solve problems with methods that are proven not to work. For better results, think outside of the box, do things in a way that you never have before.

#10 - Release all attachments

Buddha taught that “the root of suffering is attachment.” Attachments keep us stuck in one place, while everything else in the universe changes, grows, and evolves. We are limiting our ability to experience joy in the present and living from moment to moment when we are holding on to what is familiar. We can enrich our lives when we detach our identity to things, relationships, beliefs, or desired outcomes.

This Moment is a Gift

I hope this was helpful. I want everyone to understand that right now, there is only peace, contentment, and joy. And that we are a drop in an ocean of love and consciousness, we just need to stop and take a good look around to notice it.

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