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Meditation Course: Meet Your Spirit Guides

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Are you looking to establish a long-lasting self-love routine while also building a relationship with your spirit guides? Our spirit guides are always there to support us, but it's important for us to initiate a conversation with them. They respect our free will and are waiting for us to ask for their assistance before they can intervene. This 10-day meditation journey is designed for beginners and will help gradually develop a routine while also enabling you to connect with your spirit guides through meditation. Each day we will focus on a different aspect that connects your mind to your body and breath, allowing you to create a practice that aligns with your needs. Starting and maintaining a meditation routine can be challenging, so we will take it slow. You will learn how to attune to your breath, explore various breathing techniques, quiet your mind, identify areas of tension and discomfort in your body, and discover techniques to enhance your connection with your spirit guides. Additionally, we will practice guided visualization meditations and briefly explore our chakra system. Every day, we will train ourselves to pay attention to the sensations in our body, the thoughts in our mind, and the quality of our breath. This will lay the foundation for a portal to the spirit world.

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