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Meditation Course: Meet Your Spirit Guides

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Looking for a way to begin a long-lasting self-love routine while cultivating a relationship with your spirit guides? Our spirit guides are always supporting us, but it is up to us to open a dialogue with them. The reason for this is because our spirit guides honor our free will, and they are waiting for us to ask for their help in order for them to step in. This is a 10-day meditation journey for beginners, it will ease you into a routine and help you begin seeing or hearing your spirit guides through meditation. Each day we will focus on an aspect that links your mind to your body (and breath) to help you develop a practice that is aligned with you. Beginning and sticking with a meditation practice is not so easy, so let's start slow. We will learn how to tune into our breath, different breathing techniques, quieting the mind, noticing areas of tension and discomfort in the body, and discovering tools to amplify the connection with your spirit guides. We will also practice guided visualization meditations and have a brief introduction to our chakra system. Each day we will practice bringing our attention to the sensations in our body, to the fluctuations in our mind, and to the quality of our breath so that we may build the foundation that will become your portal to the spirit world.

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