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Animal Kingdom

Animal Reiki and Soul Readings

Thank you for being here and showing interest in helping a fellow sentient being. Our furry companions are important. They deserve loving energy and healing, so they can lead loving and healthy lives. 

Loving Healing Energy for Animals

It is not difficult to notice when an animal is physically ill or injured; however, recognizing abnormal behavior as a sign of an underlying problem is not always obvious. We may not always be aware when animals are dealing with psychological issues such as fear, anxiety, depression, or struggling to adjust and cope with past traumas. Just like humans, animals can experience deep healing with Reiki. For example, if your dog is barking excessively, not responding to training, or engaging in destructive chewing, Reiki can help. It can also be effective when combined with conventional veterinary care, such as speeding up the recovery after an illness or surgery. 

Here are some other ways that animals can benefit from Reiki:

  • Relieving separation anxiety

  • Relieving stress

  • Relieving or reducing pain

  • Healing psychological issues from past traumas

  • Strengthening the immune system

  • Helping with behavioral issues

  • Promoting overall wellness and relaxation

  • Reducing side effects from medications


Animals are highly connected to the Source, and this connection is often evident in the fascinating things they do that defy logic. For instance, many pets have the ability to sense when their human is about to have a seizure or a heart attack. Additionally, animals generally have an innate awareness of impending natural disasters. Unlike humans, they lack the same resistances and mental barriers, which makes them incredibly receptive to energy healing

Animal Soul Readings

A Reiki session opens a communication portal between myself and a beloved animal client, creating a soul-to-soul connection. This connection allows me to receive information from their perspective on a deep level, providing powerful insights and a profound understanding of their soul mission, the true meaning behind their behavior, the role they play in your life purpose, and what you need to know to advance in your own spiritual journey. 

These soul readings have a transformative impact on both animals and their humans. The health, happiness, and behavior of an animal are greatly influenced by the health and harmony, or lack thereof, of their human companions. Therefore, becoming aware of what your animal needs can serve as the remedy you need to deepen your bond and establish greater balance within your own inner and outer world.  

An animal soul reading is included with every animal Reiki session :)

What to expect during an animal Reiki session:

Animal Reiki sessions are not like human sessions, where the recipient lies down and relaxes. Due to animals' tendency to move around, their sessions take a more informal approach and the Reiki is transmitted from a distance. This is beneficial because animals are generally more at ease in their own homes, which is why distant Reiki is popular and helpful.

During the session, it is not necessary for you to be physically close to your animal, but it is recommended that you observe their behavior. I will notify you once the session is complete and will send you a written report that includes details related to any physical, mental, and emotional issues, as well as the soul reading. 


All sessions include a post-session consultation to answer your questions, discuss the issues uncovered, and establish goals. 

The details on how to prepare for the session will be provided after booking. 

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have, you may schedule a free Zoom meeting here or email me at if you prefer a phone call.

If you are ready to book a session, please click here. A confirmation email will follow including an intake form that will allow me to collect information regarding your concerns about your furry family member.

Disclaimer: Reiki does not replace medical treatment or advice. Always speak to your Veterinary Professional first about any concerns you have with your animal companion. 

Client Testimonials

My cat client named Milo


"The reiki session we booked for our sweet senior cat Milo was incredible. Elizabeth confirmed something that we already suspected regarding Milo's emotional behaviour as well as physical symptoms in his lower spine and right paw. It was good to know that he still may be experiencing pain or some form of achiness / arthritis in that paw so we can better support him. She shared about Milo's emotional constitution and needs, describing his personality to a tee.

I have no doubt in my mind that healing happened for Milo, and as pet owners I felt a shift in my own perception and acceptance for what Milo needs from his humans to support him as much as he supports us."

My dog client named Damara Rose

Damara Rose

"After Damaras Reiki Session with Elizabeth, we as owners made a lot of adjustments to better support our dog's personality and constitution, as well as her life purpose. We had to get real and face facts that we were not supporting her as well as we could be. Our dog needs adventure, travel and intellectual stimulation - and the fact that we have not been honouring this, was actually creating tension within mine and my husband's relationship. Since the session our relationship harmony has improved AND Damara's behaviour has improved greatly. She is listening more, in fact it's quite significant and miraculous how well she is listening to our every command."


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